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Eddisrupt - Why become a software developer

Why become a developer?


On average, the salary of a developer in the US is 90k a year, 85% more than the national average


Work in something creative, exciting and that has a big impact in society


Have you ever thought of working from home or traveling and working anywhere in the world?

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Eddisrupt live class

Follow a solid and proven path

Eddisrupt is a school with more than 5 years and an established track record in the market. The bootcamp offers a proven curriculum validated by industry professionals

Personalized Career Support

At this school you are not just another person in a classroom. We'll give you career coaching to help you get a job and make sure you are successful professionally

A typical week

Timezone: London, Lisbon (WET)

7pm - 10pm
11am - 2pm


In class you’ll learn the fundamentals (theory and practice) from specialized teachers. It’s a good time to see demonstrations, ask questions and solve challenges live

During the week
(~30h total)

Challenges & Projects

During the week you’ll follow a track of challenges, projects and video materials so you can practice your skills. Having the support of multiple online platforms and a community of colleagues and teachers

How it works

How the Bootcamp works

100% online
Duration of 8 months
Weekly commitment of 25 to 30 hours
Compatible with a full time job - after work

Our 800h+ curriculum is made up of challenges, projects and resources so you can create a solid portfolio to show to recruiters.

Front-End Developer React.js

Foundations of computer science
Libraries and Frameworks
Javascript intensive training
Front-End - HTML, CSS, DOM, React, Testing
Servers, Data, APIs, Networks, Cloud
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What you will learn

The bootcamp focuses solely on Front-End to increase your specialization and job placement opportunities

It has a depth superior to the average bootcamp / course, with 800+ hours of practice. The curriculum is built around job-ready skills and market placement approaches

Eddisrupt build amazing things

Build amazing things!

Are you ready to use your imagination and creativity and develop any app idea you have?



Some of our teachers and mentors who will help you reach your goals, from top companies like Mindera, Siemens and more

Get insights directly from industry experts working in the field

Pedro Bruno

Pedro Bruno

Software Engineer @ Mindera

William Ribeiro

William Ribeiro

Software Engineer @ Hala Systems

Mário Prada

Mário Prada

Front-End Developer @ Proxify

João Gomes

João Gomes

Full-Stack Developer @ Visual Nuts

André Santos

André Santos

Sofware Engineer @ Siemens

Price comparison eddisrupt bootcamp


320€ per month x8

The bootcamp has the total price of 2560€, that can be paid in monthly installments throughout the course


What people say about us

We have a lot of success stories
Nuno Carvalhão, testemunho

“Thanks to Eddisrupt I had a quick entry into the job market in a stimulating and challenging company. The program gives us contact with companies and professionals - that's very good.”

Nuno Carvalhão,
Luis Bettencourt, Altitude Software testemunho

“The program allowed me to take the leap I needed to learn how to code and enter the world of programming.”

Luis Bettencourt, Altitude Software
André Santos, Siemens testemunho

“For me, in addition to being a very enriching experience on a professional level due to the technological tools I acquired, I was also marked on a personal level due to the camaraderie and supportive environment felt in the program.”

André Santos, Siemens
David Duarte, GlobalData testemunho

“Besides being a place where I got to meet people with the same interests and ambitions as me, I got a global vision of what it takes to build applications.”

David Duarte, GlobalData
Manuel Faustino, testemunho

“In the program we worked with the most modern and requested technologies in the market, something of great value we are not taught in college, which opened my horizons and led me to very interesting professional opportunities.”

Manuel Faustino,
João Ricardo, Altran testemunho

“It was a very good program, I got a job as a programmer very quickly. As soon as I started working I really realized how important the knowledge I acquired in the Eddisrupt bootcamp was.”

João Ricardo, Altran
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On the price section of the website here, you can get info about the Bootcamp cost

To be announced

To be announced

It is online / remote and can be attended by students in any location

The classes happen after work and can be conciliated with a full time job or other occupation. Classes take place on Fridays (7pm-10pm) and Saturdays (11am-2pm). During the week, in addition to the classes, it is necessary to dedicate around 25 hours to challenges, projects and e-learning.

It consists of live online classes with professionals actively working in the sector, as well as a journey with projects, challenges, video support materials and an e-learning platform

Yes, you will receive a Eddisrupt graduate diploma and join our alumni ranks. The diploma will have value in the market since you’ll be an official Eddisrupt Bootcamp Graduate, but it’s important to note that our diploma does not carry any institutional value (i.e, university degree or any other government affiliated level). At Eddisrupt we believe that what matters is your knowledge and skills and we have proven results

The course facilitates the process but there are no guarantees. At Eddisrupt we have a tried and tested path for market entry, by teaching high demand technologies. This is an area with almost no unemployment, but it takes a lot of hours of dedication and determination to reach the goal

Our selection process consists of a) an interview, b) a set of coding challenges and c) a live technical assessment. There are no prerequisites and anyone can complete the challenges and the assessment. The challenges will be carried out at your own pace. In total, the process takes several weeks until you know the final result, and there is no date as it depends on each candidate to complete the challenges.

To enter the course you don’t need any previous knowledge in programming or any other area, just a basic level of English - comprehension and writing