Anyone can create technology

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The Coding Bootcamp

We've created the program that brings tech innovation to all creative minds, without barriers, without restrictions. The Coding Bootcamp that makes you a javascript full-stack developer in 20 weeks, able to develop web apps.

Anyone can create technology

We believe that the world needs the next step in digital education. A medium where everyone has easy access and the possibility of becoming a digital creator. Only the demystification and democratization of technology can lead us to solve the problems of humanity.

The technologies of the future

We can shape the future if we embrace cutting edge technology. We aim to bring the future to education, being on the front line teaching AI, Blockchain, VR and much more.


We created the only Node.js Coding Bootcamp in Portugal. The technology of the moment that companies like Twitter, Netflix, Uber, Linkedin and others, are using to rebuild their plataforms.

The tools

This technology allows coding in javascript everywhere (front-end and back-end) and grants an unprecedented scalability and efficiency, achieving in the case of Linkedin's mobile app the decrease of the number of server from 30 to 3 and less 33% files and lines of code.


William R. J. Ribeiro

Developer at Talkdesk (Teacher)

João Gomes

Developer at Candor (Teacher)

Pedro Filipe

Developer at Eddisrupt (Teacher)

João Rosado

Developer at Eddisrupt (Teacher)

Pedro Bruno

Software and Product

Rui Nogueira

Head of Marketing