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Mentorcamp, the online coding bootcamp to become a software developer with the support of a Mentor. You don’t pay until you land a job
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  • Pay zero
    You only pay small % of your salary after you land a tech job
  • Get hired
    Our career coaching team will place you in the job market
  • Be an expert
    You’ll go deep and specialize with 900h of work with projects, practice and theory
  • Daily mentoring
    You’ll have insights and learn from experienced professionals every day

Follow a solid and tested path

The Mentorcamp is a new immersive program that gives you a proven curriculum to do with the help of a professional developer as a mentor. You will feel confident starting your new career!

Personalized Career Support

You'll be supported by a mentor who will help you with your career goals. In this model you're no longer just another person in the classroom

Daily Schedule

Monday - Friday

9 am - 10 am

Planning | Stand-up Meeting

Weekly planning meetings and daily stand-up meetings as part of SCRUM & Agile Project Management

9 am - 5 pm

Tasks | Challenges & Study

The program alternates between project weeks with tasks and content weeks with challenges and studying materials

5 pm - 6 pm

Code Review | Quiz

Mentorship sessions with Quiz on content weeks and Code Review on Project weeks

How it works

How the Mentorcamp works

The Mentorcamp is a 6 month full-time online program, carried out in small remote teams with a professional Mentor

Our 900h syllabus is composed of challenges, projects and resources so you can create a solid portfolio to show recruiters

Through daily sessions, the Mentor will manage the progress using Agile Methodologies and will help you develop new skills: learning methods, best practices, fundamentals, career tips, code reviews, interview training and more

How it works

A remote team experience

In our program you’ll learn to work in a distributed global team, ready for this remote world!

Team work is essential to succeed in this field and you’ll master all the collaboration techniques needed with the support and motivation from your peers in this journey

remote team collaboration

Front-end Developer React.js

Foundations of computer science
Libraries and Frameworks
Javascript intensive training
Front-End - HTML, CSS, jQuery, React.js, Testing
Servers, Data, APIs, Networks, Cloud, BaaS
Download the full Curriculum here

What you will learn

The program presents a specialization and depth superior to the average bootcamp / course, with 900+ hours focused exclusively on Front-End

The curriculum is built around job-ready skills and market placement approaches



Some of our mentors who will help you reach your goals. We have mentors from top companies like Volkswagen, Siemens and more

Get insights directly from industry experts working on the field

William Ribeiro

William Ribeiro

Software Engineer @ Volkswagen

Mário Prada

Mário Prada

Front-End Developer @ Proxify

João Gomes

João Gomes

Full-Stack Developer @ Amplemarket

André Santos

André Santos

Sofware Engineer @ Siemens

0€ during the program

Eddisrupt's program has no upfront costs

Start a new career

In the end of program we will support you in your placement in the job market

Pay monthly

When you get a job, you pay 12% of your gross salary monthly (only if the salary is equal or superior to 1000€), for 60 months or until you reach a maximum global payout of 12500€

Mentorcamp Price

The program has no participation costs, we are only rewarded when you get a job earning at least €1000/month, through an Income Share Agreement (ISA)

Click here to see frequently asked questions about the ISA
Click here to learn more about the ISA model

Start earning from day 1

With a 15% average increase on your salary and a 12% monthly payment, you have a positive impact on your income right after you land a job!


What people say about us

We have a lot of success stories
Nuno Carvalhão, testemunho

“Thanks to Eddisrupt I had a quick entry into the job market in a stimulating and challenging company. The program gives us contact with companies and professionals - that's very good.”

Nuno Carvalhão,
Luis Bettencourt, Altitude Software testemunho

“The program allowed me to take the leap I needed to learn how to code and enter the world of programming.”

Luis Bettencourt, Altitude Software
André Santos, Siemens testemunho

“For me, in addition to being a very enriching experience on a professional level due to the technological tools I acquired, I was also marked on a personal level due to the camaraderie and supportive environment felt in the program.”

André Santos, Siemens
David Duarte, ISEL testemunho

“Besides being a place where I got to meet people with the same interests and ambitions as me, I got a global vision of what it takes to build applications.”

David Duarte, ISEL
Manuel Faustino, testemunho

“In the program we worked with the most modern and requested technologies in the market, something of great value we are not taught in college, which opened my horizons and led me to very interesting professional opportunities.”

Manuel Faustino,
Nuno Sequeira, Coop Telco testemunho

“An excellent program, it proved to be very innovative. I highly recommend it to beginners.”

Nuno Sequeira, Coop Telco

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Don't pay until you land a job
Immersive & specialized program
Remote and collaborative experience
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The Eddisrupt program has no participation costs. We get paid only when you get a job through an Income Share Agreement (ISA) model. When you get a job, you pay 12% of your gross salary (only if it is €1,000 or more) monthly, for 60 months or until you reach a maximum global payout of 12500€

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a form of education financing wherein repayments are based on a student’s future income. An ISA provider gives the student money to pay for the tuition, and the student contractually agrees to pay the provider a percentage of their salary for a set period of time.

Monthly fees are calculated by applying a fixed percentage (12%) on your total monthly income. You will receive monthly bills for this amount and these fees can be paid online with multiple payment methods

Your payments will be paused. Payments will resume when your income exceeds this limit

Yes. You can prepay the ISA by paying the maximum payment minus all payments made up to that point. There are no penalties for making an advance payment.

No. There is no obligation on the type of job chosen after graduation

An ISA ends when one of the following conditions occurs: a) The student completes the required number of payments (60) b) The student reaches the maximum payment limit (12500€).

In the first 15 days you can leave without any cost associated, between the first 15 days and 40% of the program you will need to pay the proportion of the cost of the program you attended via Income Share Agreement. Between 40% and 100% you will pay the total cost via Income Share Agreement

No. The elements of a Income Share Agreement (ISA) are different from those of a traditional loan, all elements are fixed and limited by the student's income levels and there is no interest. If the student's income is below the minimum threshold, payments are paused.

Every 2 months we welcome new cohorts, apply to get an estimate start date on the next batch. It will be approximately 2 months after your application

The program ends 6 months after it starts. The exact date depends on the cohort the student joins.

It's online and can be attended by students in any location

The schedule is full-time, from 9am to 6pm, with daily team sessions

It is a full-time immersive program that combines e-learning through a content platform, teamwork and mentoring by professional developers to help people launch a career in the field of programming.

Eddisrupt offers a certificate of completion that does not have the legal or institutional value of a traditional course. At eddisrupt we believe that what matters is knowledge and we have proven results. Also, with the ISA model, Eddisrupt is only remunerated when you reach the desired professional success

The program facilitates the process but there are no guarantees. At Eddisrupt we have a tried and tested path for market entry, by teaching high demand technologies. This is an area with almost no unemployment, but it takes a lot of hours of dedication and determination to reach the goal. With the ISA model, Eddisrupt is only remunerated when you reach the desired professional success.

Our selection process is comprised of a set of logical and programming challenges that will be submitted upon application and an interview. No prerequisites are needed and anyone can do this process

We have no occupancy limit

To enter Mentorcamp you do not need any previous knowledge in programming or any other area.