Anyone can create technology

Learn how to code web apps and become a full-stack developer in 24 weeks


You will create apps

From scratch, from the back-end to the front-end. Complete apps, ready to be used by real users

Front-end responsive and adaptive

API integrations (Facebook, Stripe, etc)

Ecommerce or marketplace back-end

Create Facebook, Yelp or Twitter clones

Log in, photo publishing and more features

Servers with thousands of requests

A Node.js bootcamp

The only Node.js coding bootcamp or course in Portugal, a powerful tool that allows you to write javascript everywhere, used at 30% of Bootcamps in USA and Canada

A growing technology in the world

Especially in startups, already surpassing the job offers of Ruby On Rails with big companies like Twitter, Yelp, Linkedin, Netflix and Uber rewriting their apps in Node.js due to its superior performance and efficiency.

The program

3 presential classes per week on fridays and saturdays or sundays during 6 months

Online coding challenges during the week with teacher and community support

Compatible with academic or work schedules


In this new coding bootcamp model the students have 3 presential classes per week with a teacher - thursdays (6.45pm - 9.30pm), fridays (6.45pm - 10.45pm), saturdays or sundays (10am - 7pm or 1pm - 9pm) - just one day on the weekend - during 24 weeks (6 months). During the week they will be tested with projects and challenges to practice (at least 2.5 hours a day on average) with 24h online support

A hybrid model

This hybrid flexible model allows you to compatibilize work or academic schedules with the development of your new coding skills! With this model we aim to achieve the same results as traditional bootcamps / courses but with flexible schedules and affordable prices (225€ /month vs 6000€).

Programming languages, frameworks and libraries









Download the complete syllabus

You will develop skills

The fundamentals of programming

Get confortable with programming in multiple languages and acquire independent work methodologies

Front-end development and Design

Learn elements in UX Design and work with tools like Invision, Gravit and Webflow

Back-end development

Develop web servers, deploy application logic associated and build databases with tools like Express.js and MongoDB

Work as a developer

You'll use tools like Git, GitHub, Heroku, Git Kraken, Stack Overflow, MongoLabs and become a jedi developer

Our approach


We focus on creating technology and building things and not just teach isolated concepts with no application


The students will build build their own final web apps in the program and learn the methodologies to keep evolving their skills after the program

Problem solving

The majority of the bootcamp is pratical and problem-solving oriented. The technologies in the syllabus are central to the development of modern applications.

In english

The course is taught 100% in English, the language software developers communicate with.


Luis Bettencourt

"The bootcamp alowed me to take the leap I needed to learn how to code and enter the world of software development."

André Santos

"For me, apart from the very enriching experience on a professional level due to all the tech skills I acquired, the Eddisrupts's bootcamp also had a personal impact on me with all the camaraderie and good spirits of everyone envolved."

David Duarte

"At Eddisrupt's I was able to meet people with the same interests and ambitions as me and gain a complete perspective of how to build apps."

Only for students or unemployed


  • Coding Bootcamp
  • Professional Orientation
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Enterprise Contacts
  • Mentorship
  • Interview Training
  • React Native Training


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  • Coding Bootcamp
  • Professional Orientation
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Enterprise Contacts
  • Mentorship
  • Interview Training
  • React Native Training


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  • Coding Bootcamp
  • Professional Orientation
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Enterprise Contacts
  • Mentorship
  • Interview Training
  • React Native Training


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Eddisrupt has partnerships with big software companies. Our partnerships create professional opportunities, as for scholarships (100% paid bootcamp) for the best students.

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Where and When

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William R. J. Ribeiro

Developer at Talkdesk (Teacher)

João Gomes

Developer at Candor (Teacher)

Pedro Filipe

Developer at Eddisrupt (Teacher)

João Rosado

Developer at Eddisrupt (Teacher)

Pedro Bruno

Software and Product

Rui Nogueira

Head of Marketing

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